• Engineers of your dream career!

    Helping recruitment specialists Quanta Contracts set up people with their dream jobs, via our slick new website build. 

    (sorry, we've already called dibs on the 'Space Cowboy' role)

  • Introducing: Accountant dogs!*

    *Disclaimer: actual professionals may not be of the canine variety.

  • No face? No service.

    In a future where your face is your key to everything, identity theft becomes a worrying prospect.

    See how we helped online security start-up, Shayype, raise awareness of this issue with striking ads for print and online. 

  • I spy…

    …with my equestrian eye, something beginning with Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018…

    …We’ve just given the answer away, haven’t we? 

  • 10 more minutes…

    Just listen to the snooze button…the snooze button is your friend…

  • Bedtime Reading.

    It’s not often you create a publication with the aim of sending people to sleep.

  • Top-level interiors on your doorstep

    A short trip down the road to get interior design advice from top experts? We knew there was a reason we set up shop here.

  • Alltech Assemble!

    Basically the Avengers of the animal feed world. Issue 2 out now!

  • The Gift of Sleep

    Like receiving a pocket set of Scrabble, except warmer. 

  • ZZZzzzz…

    You are feeling sleeeeepppyyy…zzzzz…

  • Welcome to Manchester.

    Pint, anyone? Check out the historic launch of Bavaria beer on-draught, in UK pubs for the first time. Served by yours truly, with a side order of outdoor, print, radio, digital and social campaign work.

  • Sumptuous wool bedding.

    The future of cosy lie-ins, proof-tested over thousands of years. 

    See how we've helped new audiences discover woolroom's incredible range of premium, luxury bedding. 

  • (Not so) Secret identity.

    A stunning transformation, and all without having to change in a phone booth, either. 

  • Fighting Mycotoxins, the Alltech way.

    Remember the day you learnt how to avoid mycotoxin contamination in animal feeds? We do. 

    Important subjects aren't always easy to communicate, that's why we went cross media, to engage a busy audience whose company car drags a plough. 

  • Kymira sport brand film

    Infra-red trousers!

    If it sounds state of the art, that’s because it is.

    Find out more about KYMIRA’s new breed of hi-tech sportswear in our brand film here.

  • Shark sightings at Trafford Arch?

    That's another reason not to go swimming in Salford Quays...

  • brand packaging design

    A taste of la dolce vita.

    Only once you’ve finished your greens.

  • Cross-channel couriers.

    In hindsight, probably should have waited five minutes for the next ferry. 

  • woolroom brand film

    Natural. Luxurious. Beautiful.

    And we're so incredibly humble, too...

  • Liked. Shared. Enjoyed.

    A justifiable reason to break the 'no phone browsing in the pub' rule. 

  • What does happy feel like?

    Our research may have found a definitive answer. 

  • Pint?

    Well, we couldn’t exactly serve the beer in teacups. 

  • Home Page Pilsner.

    Warning: may leave you feeling parched. 

  • Brews of the world.

    Friendly advice: don’t hold a press junket at a zoo. 

  • Urgent broadcast, incoming!

    Admittedly, it's probably easier to invite your mates to the pub over the phone, not the radio. 

  • social strategy reel

    Strawman Social Reel

    Your story, told your way - check out our latest Social Showreel here.

  • #HappyHalloween


    Celebrating all things frightening at Halloween. 

    And we're not talking about rising house prices. 

  • Horrors of 1719.

    Before health and safety, there were these guys. 

  • IT Group

    Struggling with the finer differences between Cell Site Analysis and Mobile Phone Forensics? So did we.

    See how our website design helped IT Group communicate their vast level of expertise in the IT and Telecomms fields, with a seamless user experience.

  • bavaria camapign site design and development

    The height of fashion.

    We call it vintage vogue. Just watch out for low ceilings...

  • taste independence campaign

    Baroque's back, baby!

    And you thought the man-bun was bad...

  • bavaria ad 2016

    When hipster dresses go wrong!

    Find out why this lady's fashion sense is best left in the past, in one of our leading ads for Bavaria's Taste Independence campaign. 

  • bavaria ad 2016

    Short back and sides. De-lousing extra.

    Find out why vintage hairstyles are best left in 1719, with one of our leading ads for Bavaria's Taste Independence campaign. 

  • #NoFilter

    Still a better art collection than the Turner Prize.

  • Bavaria one million likes ad

    Happy 994,752 Facebook Likes!

    Hmmm? Too late? Guess we'll have to settle for celebrating 1 million likes instead.

  • Creative magazine campaign


    Indie star tells all in series of media appearances. 

  • brand film

    Visit Lieshout, Holland!

    Come for the beer, stay for the windmills.

    Mainly because they serve beer in there too. 

  • They grow up so fast...

    Happy Father's Day - here's a baby with a moustache! 

  • Website development

    Download your beer today!*

    *Warning - the beer downloader technology may not be perfected yet. 

  • Strawman Productions

    Looking for a digital home assistant that knows better than you? 

    You'll be needing 'Eleanor', then.