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Welcome to our shiny new website.

11 February 2016

A new year brings a plethora of new opportunities.

Learning a new hobby; keeping fit and joining a gym; travelling to new exotic locations.

We’ll get around to those eventually, but in the meantime, we’ve just launched our shiny new website!

With it comes a multitude of design elements, carefully thought out and constructed from many intense planning sessions.

It’s grey, which goes with any colour, and also works as a patriotic tribute to the UK’s vibrant weather patterns ranging from ‘cloudy’ to ‘overcast’. 

It’s got a friendly crow, who goes by the name of Trevor, to welcome you at the door.

We’ve also added the suffix ‘agency’, to avoid confused farmers landing on our site, expecting scarecrow-related content.

Most importantly though, it reflects where we are as an agency right now.

We believe our new design captures exactly what Strawman is about- flying the nest of London-centric creative agencies, and migrating north to the idyllic countryside.

Free from Oyster cards, crammed tube trains and fixie bikes.

Free to think a little more deeply.

Strawman about page

Feel free to take the tour.

See a snapshot of our previous client work, and the expertise we bring to the table, on our Case Studies.

Enjoy an insight into Strawman on our About Us page, which shows a rich blend of top-level creative with vast experience from all walks of life, topped with a sprinkling of slightly mad.

Or check back on our news page for a pleasant mix of industry news and opinion, plain-speaking advertising advice, or oddball in-house creative.

We’ve got plenty of exciting developments on the horizon*, so be sure to check back soon for further updates. This is just the beginning.

*We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Giant Death Lasers at this stage.