• Italian gelato brand account win

Traditional Italian gelato brand account win.

03 May 2016

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with a new client looking to bring their high quality Italian gelato to the US.

Their vision is to create an alternative to the current market leaders, Haagen-Dazs and Talenti, by offering a more artisanal, authentically Italian product with high quality ingredients.

As part of this new account partnership, we have been tasked with creating new package designs across a selected range of flavours, with the design scheme being positioned and inspired by traditional Italian culture, heritage of the Italian gelateria, and the origins of ingredients.

The new pack design will allow for a consistency across future ranges, and will create a flexible platform for development, innovation and growth, as the brand establishes itself in the US ice cream sector.

To help introduce the brand to an American audience, we will also provide a new kiosk design concept for placement in US malls and shopping centres, to work alongside the branding for the in-store tubs.

The kiosk design will take inspiration from the same Italian gelateria culture, to showcase the brand's heritage, while providing a stand-out landmark for shoppers hungry for a true taste of Italy.

Check back soon to see the fruits of our labours.