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The Snapchat spectacle has arrived in the UK, in all it's sun-glassed glory.

07 June 2017

We discussed this back when the fashion statement for amateur spies was first announced last September, and, now it’s finally landed on these shores.

The headwear, referred to as a toy by CEO Evan Spiegel at the time of launch, will be available both online, and via special vending machines called snapbots in London tourist hot-spots.

Yes, you read that correctly. Vending machines.

Before you rush away from your desks to the nearest venders, thinking ‘great, I’ll pick up a Mars Bar, or maybe a Twix while I’m there’, you might be interested in the price.

All £129.99 of it.

You’re going to need some pretty deep pockets to lug all that change around.

They’ll hear you jangling down the street from a couple of miles away, too – not a great start for any stealthy secret agent aspirations, to be honest.

As part of the launch in Europe, these vending machines will be doing the grand tour of five key cities, in five countries.

This means the people of London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Venice will all have the pleasure of providing cameo walk-by appearances in 10 second films, again, and again, courtesy of energetic young people lacking in self-awareness.

Never mind the recurring nightmares fuelled by the unsettling appearance of these Spectacle vendors themselves - think Mike from Monsters Inc, fused with an inanimate vending machine in a freak teleportation accident.

As for the glasses themselves, they perform pretty much as they did in America.

The spectacles light up when capturing footage, (informing people they’re about to be a star!), and saves the clip in a round format, which looks interesting until the novelty wears off several seconds later.

It then saves to your Snapchat’s Memories section, or straight to your camera’s video roll, ready to use as you please.

It’s reported that Snapchatters have viewed over 1.3 billion Spectacle Snaps, since the official US launch in November.

But despite this, it still feels more of a fashion statement, a novelty piece of kit to play with for a while, rather than a regular addition to your social media game.

Nothing reinforces this more than the ATL ads used in last year’s launch.

The ads themselves look great.

Hip. Fashionable. Stylish. Exactly what a youthful Snapchat audience will identify with. Almost like that was their main plan all along.

And sure, the glasses look fantastic in California, in the radiant Californian sunshine, worn by pretty Californian people.

In a back alley of Wolverhampton, where the weather forecast is permanently ‘grey, with spots of grey’, and the only radiance shines from a neon-lit kebab shop, the Spectacles kind of lose their swagger.

On the plus side, if anyone tries to mug you, at least you can get a 10-second mugshot, just remember to ask them to say cheese first.


Strawman Says

Snapchat Spectacles for the UK – pick a pair up at your local vending machine today, and you, too, can harass your friends while looking like a prized buffoon!