• strawman pasty making compettion

The Inaugural Strawman Pasty Making Competition Experience.

28 October 2015

You know how it is in a creative office.

One minute, you’re having a casual discussion about home cooking, after the scent of someone’s lunchtime pasty fills the room.

The next thing you know, everyone is drawing out battle plans, boasting about secret ingredients, and threatening to put unsavoury things in each other’s recipes.

Yes, one innocently purchased Cornish favourite has led to an office wide pasty making competition, and a hotly contested one at that.

I should’ve just gone with the soup for lunch. As someone with cooking skills you’d charitably describe as ‘amateur’, at least soup would’ve been a lot easier.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and every Straw man and woman is busy in their respective kitchens, working on the killer recipe that will bag them the (as yet undetermined) grand prize.

For most of us, this went on well into the evening, and on a school night too.

Texts were exchanged between the group. Some triumphant. Some curious about their competitors.

Some more along the lines of ‘help’ and ‘follow the smoke signals’.

The next day, a lunch time spread of delicious pasties were provided. We’d all gone for a nice mix, from a classic cheese and onion, to the exotic Caribbean chicken, or the autumnal vegetable delight.

After enjoying a helping of each pasty, we all collectively agreed that, despite the competitive origins that sparked the competition, everyone was in fact a winner.

Because, beyond the jokes and friendly banter, the important part of our first Pasty making competition was that everyone had fun creating some pretty great recipes, and that they all tasted fantastic too.

And that no one was poisoned, of course.

Naturally, we took some footage to document the progress of the pasty making.

However, none of us were a patch on Andy’s inimitable cooking techniques, and rapport with the audience. 

Watch the highlights here on our Facebook page.