• strawman new name

Strawman moves to London, abandons countryside for traffic, smog and fixie bikes.

01 April 2016

We’re pleased to announce that Strawman will be relocating to London, in a move to get closer to the source of claustrophobic commutes and unkempt hipster beards.

The decision was an easy one to make.

“The 2 hour commute will allow for extra work to be done, all without the hassle of extra pay cheques,” explained Creative Director Jon ‘Mecha-Unicorn’ Groom.

“Being in London also means we can tap into the sensibilities and culture changes of the entire country, able to offer the best insights for the people that really matter – anyone inside the M25.”

The new Shoreditch office will sport a modern, faux-industrial aesthetic, with repurposed factory machinery serving as desks and corrugated iron doors, to say ‘this is where the work gets done!’.

Our new locale will also feature 17 rec rooms, with a variety of arcade cabinets, pool tables and an indoor skate park, for productive work meetings with an edge.

We’re also looking to ditch computers, in favour of a more vintage ink and parchment culture.

“It’s a statement about our growing reliance on technology. By stripping everything back, we make a defiant stand, and do our part to prevent any Skynet-related accidents in the near future.”

“The lack of a ‘delete’ button on parchment also adds the incentive for our staff to get things right first time, every time. For motivational effectiveness, it works very well in tandem with the beating stick.”


In other news, we’re happy to announce our new audio department, who will be touring under the name ‘Admiral Stinkweasel and the iridescent squirrels’ between September and December 2016.

Full details on dates and venues on our contact us page.


*Obvious Disclaimer* This is an April Fools. We’ll be staying right where we are for now. Band tour dates still tbc.