• Kymira sport

Strawman goes infrared, as we announce new account win with KYMIRA Sport.

01 February 2017

Time to dust off the running shoes.

We’re delighted to announce KYMIRA Sport, the creators of innovative performance-aiding sportswear, has appointed Strawman as their lead creative agency.

This uniquely positioned sports brand utilises its own ‘KYnergy®’ infrared technology within the textile of their fabrics, to recycle the body’s wasted energy and produce infrared that enhances performance, and accelerates the recovery of damaged muscles that occur naturally when exercising.

Much like the Iron Man suit, or a hamster wheel hooked up to a kinetic generator, KYMIRA’s products are essentially sportswear made of energy.

Eat your heart out, Tony Stark.

Strawman will initially be tasked with creating new video content to help communicate the brand’s unique approach to athletes and sportswear, through a combination of brand films and ads, while generally furthering the cause of science in the process.

We’re very excited to be working with this innovative new brand, and look forward to some interesting creative in the next few months.

Not to mention we can tell our R&D division to ease off on their own energy suit research, which is good news – they’ve made little progress since they figured out how to tape some AAA’s to a t-shirt.