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Revenge of the Post Production.

29 March 2016

Two long days of filming, take after take, getting the right shots and overcoming the thousand and one things that could go wrong on any shoot. Finally, all the footage we need is in the can.

Now the real work begins.

Enter the long-anticipated sequel, Revenge of the Post Production.

A more polished follow up that’s grander, more gruelling, and with a high possibility of someone losing a hand.

But before the dangers of editing, there are two checks you need to make:

Do we have the right footage?

Do we have enough footage?

If the answer to either is no, then expect an hour of crying in a corner, followed by several hours of attempting to build a DIY time machine, in a desperate attempt to Marty Mcfly your way out of a pickle.

Thankfully, we’re pretty amazing, so our answer to both is yes, and editing can begin without hesitation.

Then it’s time for the Act 2 editing suite, which involves cutting clips. A lot of cutting clips.

And that’s just the intro plate.

By the end of this maddening, less glamourous Groundhog Day, seeing the same actors say the same lines over and over and over, you’ll wonder how long it’s been since starting, how many years have passed, and likely be questioning your place in the universe.

You’ll also have a beautiful first draft.

At which point you can finally relax.

Until you receive the first feedback from the client that is.

They love it, and want a few minor changes, which naturally means many more cuts, moves, and music changes, as we strive for perfection.

Repeat this a few more times, and you should have a pretty successful ad.

Something that’s beautiful, interesting, that does the job and delivers the message first scrawled on the presentation pad many months ago.

Thankfully, the final piece looks a lot better than those first sketches.


These ads will be unveiled on social in the coming months. Watch this space!