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Periscope adds some permanence to live broadcasts with #Save feature.

12 May 2016

Periscope are making big moves to change their live broadcasts from ‘catch them while you can’ to ‘catch them at your leisure’.

Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour announced last Wednesday that their latest public beta will allow users to archive previous live stream content, all with a strategic ‘#save’ added in the title.

This comes just after the news that Periscope have hired a new editor in chief, Evan Hansen (formerly of Wired and Medium fame), to help curate the best, coolest and most innovative broadcasts.

The Twitter-owned practitioners of the ‘teleportation experience’ are taking their championship live video bout with Facebook seriously, and looking promising at the weigh-in.

According to Beykpour, it’s just the start, explaining in a Periscope broadcast that they’re working on “a holistic solution to that that we're really, really excited about.”

The ability to save previously aired live streams is a great evolution of the young platform, and seems fairly logical, given they boasted 200 million broadcasts in their first year.

That’s a lot of archived videos that have since been scattered to the wind, so a dedicated team to collect them up and package them in an easy to discover way is great news for everyone.

The temporary nature of live streaming – that ‘catch it now or miss out forever’ feeling – is at odds with our modern on-demand world.

Netflix, Sky+ and numerous iPlayers means we no longer need to clear our diaries between 8 and 10 for the latest ‘Britain’s got the Voice Factor’ – we’re used to watching things on our own schedule, and even where we want it.


Moving away from the Mission Impossible style self-destructing messages that disappear into the ether is a particularly great move for brands, especially for live event sponsorships and link-ups.

You now have a means to archive previous campaigns, not just on an external site or platform like Youtube, but also natively on the platform itself – meaning you capture the attention of users likely to tune in to your channel in the future.

At the end of a festival season or tour, for example, a brand can point new fans back to the start of the journey, and reinforce their message for any newcomers.

An experiential installation or street takeover has added value lasting beyond the time of the event itself.

Likewise, fans can benefit from Q&A’s or celebrity features long after the original broadcast.

Showing your brand’s history in providing memorable real-world fan encounters can set the tone for what you represent, helpful for audiences looking for more tangible experiences for them to fall in love with a brand.


Discovery of great broadcasters is a huge part of the need for an Editor role.

A serious content platform needs a gatekeeper role to make sure the most interesting or innovative content gets the audience it deserves.

With 200 million broadcasts from just one year, it also helps to hire someone able to chart these vast new lands and bring some order to this Wild West.

Evan Hansen is likely shining up his Sheriff’s badge as we speak.


Recent developments suggests Periscope may be moving to a Youtube-esque model of providing a hub tailored to a user’s preferences and trending broadcasts.

Does this mean they will include a section dedicated to ‘promoted broadcasts’?

Maybe, but the nature of the live stream will keep it from appearing too cynical.

Live streams are all about channelling the energy and experience of the event as it happens, and naturally, the experiential forms of brand PR stunts fit easily into the culture of Periscope.

Whether it’s a unique live contest, behind the scenes tour or a GoPro deep sea dive in the quest for Hammerhead sharks, if it’s engaging, it will benefit from any Periscope ‘front page’ promotion, without turning people off like traditional pre-roll Youtube ads.


With Periscope’s plans to streamline the live viewing experience and provide permanently archived videos last longer, 200 million broadcasts could look like a drop in the ocean.

For brands, this added longevity makes it a great time to start thinking about live streaming, adding that vital personal link between the brand and it’s fans.


Strawman Says

Permanently saved Periscope broadcasts and a more curated approach makes this a great time for brands to start thinking Live. After all, why limit your experiential PR events to just one post code?