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Just enjoy the beer: Bavaria’s Taste Independence campaign launches on social.

17 August 2016

Not everything stands the test of time.

For better or for worse, we’ve seen the decline of such cultural icons as the Great Sphinx’s nose, luxury horse and carriage rides, and the mullet.

Fortunately, a great beer is timeless, and that’s what our latest campaign for Bavaria encapsulates.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Bavaria’s ‘Just Enjoy the Beer’ campaign, establishing the Dutch brewery’s flagship beer as the premium choice for independent thinkers and trend-setting drinkers.

We expanded on Bavaria’s truly unique brand values, being a seventh-generation family owned brewery that’s remained independent since 1719, and asked:

What if other aspects of 18th century life existed today?

At the very least, your local bartender and barber are in for a bit of a shock.

With this campaign, we’ve explored the most interesting and the most bizarre elements of the 18th century, from odd fashion quirks like unwieldy dresses and baroque barnets, to the cultural sensibilities of the time that would be at odds with selfie-stick-riddled 21st century life.

Along with our premium live action spots, Bar and Barber, we also have our very own gallery of Independent Dutch Masters, est. 1719 – portraits of high society gentry who don’t quite fit in with the modern world as well as their beer. 

We’re also celebrating those who share the independent values of Bavaria, in fashion, style, culture and in life, beginning with (definitely a real publication, probably) Taste Independence magazine, your go-to source for the 1719 look.

All of this combines in a delightful smorgasbord of old and new, presented across the key social platforms where Bavaria’s audience conversations are happening right now.

Watch the films here on our case studies page, or visit www.tasteindependence.co.uk to explore the beer from 1719 that stands the test of time.

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