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Introducing our magnifico new brand package designs for Gelarto.

18 July 2016

I scream, you scream, we all scream for authentic Italian gelato.

Introducing our latest brand package designs ready for the US launch of Gelarto, an artisanal gelato traditionally crafted in Turin, Italy.

To reflect the brand’s heritage, we took inspiration from many aspects of Italy, from al fresco ristorante culture to stunning historical architecture, and all things trendy and fashionable.

Pizza was consumed religiously during the research process, as were repeat viewings of Gladiator and The Italian Job, for a fully immersive experience.

We explored many routes, including a homage to ornate Italian architecture with Greco-Roman patterns, and designs laden with cultural references that epitomise Italy – Fiat 500’s, Vespa’s and the awe-inspiring Colosseum being just a few.

It all came together as the bold, elegant packaging you see here.

packaging design

The beautiful typography on each tub brings to mind the cobbled streets of the Via Vittorio Veneto, or the Piazza di Spagna, taking in the views of vintage shop front signs of pizzerias, panificios and gelaterias.

The sort of signs that beckon you in with promises of a personal table, warm welcomes from the owner and a glass of vino on the house, whether you’re a savvy regular or a lost tourist clinging desperately to your phrasebook and outdated map from 1987.

We wanted to evoke a little taste of ‘dolce vita’ culture with every tub of Gelarto, providing the Italian passion for life, love and fantastic flavours.

By picking up one of these tubs, we want the consumer to be transported from the frozen produce aisle to an al fresco table on the Amalfi coast.

Buon appetito!

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