Creating social buzz for Bavaria with a revival of the 1719 look.

25 August 2016

To be a fashion icon is no easy feat.

The cock-sure swagger needs mastering. The pressure that comes with being idolised by the general public needs to be managed.

And of course, there’s the astronomical wig maintenance costs.

To fuel further engagement on Bavaria’s social channels and help carve a unique identity for the brand, we expanded on the ‘style from 1719’ foundations set by the leading campaign ads, and created some self-proclaimed ‘fashion icons’ in the process.

Channelling equal parts Parisian designer, Shoreditch hipster and 18th century dandy, we created a masterpiece in faux men’s style magazines:

Taste Independence magazine.

To continue the conversation on social beyond the leading ads, we’ve used a selection of creative drawing from the ads to keep Bavaria’s social feeds the home for the truly independent.

A main highlight are the retro-revolutionaries of style featured on the fictional Taste Independence magazine, which we’ve used as the core creative for Bavaria’s weekly #FashionThursday competition, asking users to share images of their most unique, individual or vintage looks, and potentially win some sweet, sweet beer for it too.

Not only does it further reinforce Bavaria’s commitment to independent style, but by using such ridiculous imagery for the competition, we also ease anyone hesitant to enter by saying “look, you couldn’t possibly look as silly as this numpty we’ve created, so why not celebrate an awesomely unique look.”

A compelling reason to get involved, we think.

Our plucky portraits of the Independent Dutch Masters also feature heavily, elaborating on the introduction ad that showcased a 3D art gallery modelled especially for Bavaria.

Don’t let the vintage threads fool you – these guys are pretty clued up on modern technology and culture, embracing selfie sticks and segways in their own way.

These characters, in many ways, epitomise Bavaria as a crowning monument of 1719 that doesn’t let a few hundred years’ experience stop them from fitting seamlessly into contemporary society.

Like Bavaria, these paintings have been through an incredible journey from concept to creation.

Each painting started out as a model being photographed in period clothing, and then painted by a talented artist for real authenticity, with the paintings used in the final stills and animations.

Keep a close eye on this group of baroque mavericks, as they are sure to pop up quite a bit in the near future.

Finally, Bavaria’s social feeds also play host to returning cameos from our wig and dress superstars.

It would be rude not to, really.


Follow the campaign on Bavaria’s Facebook and Twitter, follow the beautiful showcase on Instagram, @bavaria_uk, or visit www.tasteindependence.co.uk to explore more of the finer things from 1719.