Bee swarm drones and deep-sea GoPros – Tales of a KYMIRA film shoot.

06 March 2017

We’ve dug out our director’s chair and been practicing our best clapperboard technique, which means one thing:

It’s time for another ad shoot, this time for our latest client, KYMIRA sport.

How’d it go? Well, find out for yourself. Cue the ‘24’ countdown sound…


Date: March 1st 2017

Time: Far too early

Location: Reading

Client: KYMIRA Sport

Primary Objective: Shoot a promo ad for KYMIRA’s innovative sportswear.

Secondary Objective: Avoid falling into the Thames.


As exciting as these days are, it never gets easier.

Or maybe it’s just that we’re getting too old, as one of us moans on the eve of filming (who shall remain nameless, as per our Art Director Andy’s request).

We had an early start to filming down in Reading, which meant a wake-up call as early as 4am for some of us.

After a long journey filled with caffeine and grumbling, we arrived at our first destination, Reading Boating Club.

Tucked away behind Waitrose, we got straight to filming right after we managed to coax our Client Services Director Kate away from the store – a new record low time at only 2 hours and 11 minutes for our resident Waitrose super-fan.

First up for filming was professional rower Lucy Primmer, who was full of beans and not developing a layer of frost, unlike some of us freezing, out-of-shape folk.

Lucy hopped into the boat – or should we say, ‘shell’, having become instant experts on all things boaty after a day on the riverside – and began to make some blisteringly quick runs of 30-40 strokes per minute.

Even the drone struggled to keep up at times, though the fact that the drone resembled the sound of swarming bees probably contributed to Lucy’s swift rowing.

A go-pro attached to the boat – sorry, shell – did a better job at keeping up, at least until the go-pro, clearly a Tom Daley fan, decided to take a dive into the Thames.

Sadly, the camera wasn’t recovered, so we’re left to wonder at the footage lost in the incident. Probably just a new underwater aquatic civilization, nothing major.

After we’d finished filming Lucy breaking the sound barrier, and following a moment of silence afforded to the brave go-pro lost at sea, we moved on to our second destination, The Reading Athletics Club.

We were joined by Louis Nethercott, ex-marine and fit as a butcher’s whatsit.

We picked the right person for the job – Louis is undertaking a world first expedition with fellow ex-marine Anthony Lambert named ‘Expedition 5’, crossing the 5 largest islands on earth unsupported, to raise money for Help for Heroes and The Royal Marines Charity (find out more at www.expeditionfive.co.uk )

At one point, our director Matt bravely decided to try running alongside Louis with a handheld cam, and managed to keep up for almost 10 meters before feeling faint.

For the sake of our director not paying a quick visit to A&E, we busted out the drone again.

Nothing like the sound of swarming bees to push you to that 100m personal best.

And so it was that we ended the day feeling fairly knackered (watching other people exercising is immensely tiring), but also quite chuffed with a fantastic session of filming.

We even managed to finish and get back at a reasonable hour too. How’s that for efficient filming.


Big thanks to our rower Lucy Primmer and runner Louis Nethercott for showing off the KYMIRA sportswear in action, and be sure to keep an eye out for KYMIRA’s new ad which will be coming soon.