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Bavaria | Start of the Journey.

19 May 2015

To relaunch the Bavaria beer brand in the UK, our goal was to change current brand perceptions, and develop the brand into a premium proposition for the consumer.

We started by telling Bavaria’s story to the UK- a story of a brewery, making exceptional beer since 1719, and still owned by the same family. A brewery that the big corporations would love to be.


Our Approach:

To begin our relaunch of the brand, we required a major push to change the way the UK audience sees Bavaria.

Brand films were created to demonstrate the key reasons to believe in Bavaria – to tell the story of a 300 year old brewery, owned by the same family, and still brewing in the same small village in Holland.

Along with the brand films, a new look brand website was created for the UK audience. A location for consumers to learn about the provenance of the brand, and discover the honest heritage that sets them apart from rival beer labels.

We introduced the brand films on the website bavaria1719.co.uk along with newly re-branded UK social channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


Brand Films:

This is who we are

About our family

How we brew

Pouring the perfect pint