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Ads in 60 seconds as Instagram increase video limit.

04 May 2016

Not content with dominating the foodie photo and inspirational quote market, Instagram are pushing native video content with added conviction, increasing the previous 15-second video limit to a whopping 60 seconds.

They say a picture says approximately around a thousand words, give or take, so 24 frames per second for a whole minute has the potential to say a lot.

By increasing the limit to 60 seconds, Instagram are hoping to bring users ‘fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video’.

They want more interesting and entertaining stories to emerge from this change, and this can prove very helpful for brands looking to tell their story.

Of course, this isn’t news for advertisers, who have had access to 60 second videos since February, when Instagram debuted their minute-long magic formula for selected brands such as Guinness, T Mobile and Warner Bros.

Indeed, Guinness wasted no time placing their Made of More campaign on Instagram, showcasing their evocative John Hammond story.

However, now everyone has the capability to post their extended ad spots into Instagram.

But you know what they say about power and responsibility. Just because you can post 60 second ads, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

There’s always a balance between quality video, and the length of time viewers are willing to stick around to watch it.

If it’s a little unusual, has some intrigue, looks absolutely stunning, or in the case of T-Mobile’s extended Superbowl spot featuring Drake, parodies an internet sensation, then yes, more people will stick around.

On the flip side, plenty of brands and media sites are following the ‘less is more’ formula, with the likes of Buzzfeed Food averaging 24 seconds for videos on Facebook.

Their trick to make sure people don’t switch over to another video? Make sure it finishes before they even want to switch.

With the new 60 second limit, Instagram have also reworked the Explore tab, including a ‘Videos You Might Like’ section, to really push that deliciously rich video content.

This adds another dimension of discovery, helpful for brands that don’t have Superbowl funds in the bank.

So, how can the extra 45 seconds be of use to a brand?

Well, it means you have another place to seed your high budget TV spot. If you’ve spent the money, it’s nice to know you have more options than just the quarter past 2 slot on Really or SyFy.

It also means you have more flexibility for your films.

Longer video=bigger scope for bigger things.

But the interesting thing is how the users can utilise the 60 second time frame, meaning added potential for more interactive campaigns that get the consumers in on the fun.

Flash dance competitions? Encourage a new internet craze? Revive the You’ve Been Framed model, accepting video entries of people making fools of themselves for a small amount of cash and limitless fame?

Sure, the last one may present a minefield of health and safety issues, and Youtube already have the market cornered for dodgy prank and fail videos.

But the point is, don’t underestimate the creativity of your fans to provide some interesting material. Or at the very least, a PSA on why skateboarding off rooftops isn’t the best idea.

Strawman Says

45 extra seconds means longer time for grander ads, whether it’s a repurposed TV spot (see Guinness) or an ad destined for TV but denied by the price of admission. You can say a lot in 60 seconds.