• On the road for filming of ads

2 days, 2 locations, 2 ads wrapped up.

17 March 2016

Two days, filming at 2 locations, travelling 100’s of miles on next to no sleep, some cold food, some hot food, and gallons of coffee. And in the end, 2 ads in the bag.

Here’s a snap shot of how we got on across the two days.


DAY 1 – Sunday


Up bright and early, ready for an intense two days of filming. Already consumed enough caffeine to incapacitate most land mammals.

Heading off for a nice, relaxing Sunday drive down to London, enjoying the rays of sunlight tip over the horizon as the sun rises.


In London traffic, welcoming an apocalyptic event to end it all. Smog, cyclists and stupid drivers everywhere. Still, on the plus side, in two hours we’ll be at the end of the road.


Still on the same road.

8:30am – 11:30am

Finally reached the filming location in South London. Regretting not taking a train. It takes about an hour to sort out one costume. The caffeine shakes don’t make it any easier. It’s a damn fine costume, though.


Well-earned lunch break, after a hard morning of sitting around watching many takes being filmed. Simple spread of food that keeps everyone happy. We’re sure it tasted great when it was hot.

2pm – 6pm

We’ve been drafted in as extras for the shoot. We give an Oscar-winning performance of ‘Group sitting around at a table’ – consisting of us nodding our heads more vigorously than a muppets song routine, switching our winning smiles on and off for each take like deranged comedy club punters.

Filming wraps up at around 6pm, after some great shots, and excellent performances from extras. Some credit to the main actors and actresses themselves, of course. One ad in the bag!


Finally escaped the clutches of London traffic. No casualties, despite multiple threats made. Eventually arrive back at Stamford after 10pm. Please, let us never visit London again.


DAY 2 – Monday


On the road to London again. Sun mocks us as it rises over the horizon.

7:41am – 9:05am

London traffic.


Still London traffic. Please, someone end it all.

9:45am – 12:30pm

Arrived, eventually, at the second location, this time in Old Kentish Town. A poster promising free drinks by the front door turned out to be part of the set. Disappointing.

Due to the cramped location, we’ve been shuffled into the back room for around 3 hours. We have a video feed of the outside world, but it seems to mostly consist of the same 4 actors. We expected the apocalypse to look a little…busier.


Break for lunch. They remember to fetch everyone hidden in the back room. Ethiopian restaurant was the chosen cuisine for the day, an obvious crowd pleaser for a large film crew. Food was hot this time, to keep us on our toes.

13:30pm – 16:45pm

Filming is progressing well, apart from the distinct lack of working walkie talkies for the film crew. Shouting through the door proved an effective alternative. Meanwhile, the ‘free drinks’ sign has attracted an increasingly thirsty crowd outside.

Late afternoon, filming is progressing, despite an incident with some clippers and a crazed, weary bearded actor. In our defence, we were cranky.


Filming is wrapping up. We head off, after a tiring, stressful, but ultimately successful second day. Ad number 2 is in the bag, and all on minimal amounts of sleep and unfathomable hatred of London roads. Not too bad.


Now, on to Post Production, where the real work begins. And where we get to relive the last two days over, and over, and over, and over…

At least we’re spared the journey.