• Bavaria Taste Independence ad campaign bar.

18th Century is back in vogue for our leading campaign ads for Bavaria.

18 August 2016

What does a well-dressed woman in a pub and a gentleman walking into a barbers have in common? Unusual taste in fashion, and great taste in beer.

Leading the line at our launch of Bavaria’s ‘Just Enjoy the Beer’ campaign are two premium ad spots that showcase the triumphant comeback of the 1719 look.

The two films are the culmination of months of meticulous planning, careful casting and rigorous editing, and of course, an eventful, jolly jaunt down to London for the filming itself.

For these films, and the campaign as a whole, we took the rather unique position of Bavaria as an independent brewery, owned by the same family since 1719, and went one step further.

We explored every aspect of the 18th century in the concepting stage, short of taking the office DeLorean out for a first-hand account of the period (the old banger was in the shop at the time), and landed on the flamboyant fashion styles and prestigious culture of the baroque period.

With these films, we showcase Bavaria as the beer for the bold and the confident, sporting big styles and bigger personalities.

The result? Ads that underpin the key campaign message:

Not everything from 1719 is worth keeping hold of. Just enjoy the beer.

Watch the two ad spots below, or visit the campaign site, www.tasteindependence.co.uk, for the full 1719 experience.

Link to “Fashionable Since 1719.”

Link to “Stylish Since 1719.”